How to squeeze a whole apartment into a very small room.

This little apartment in Paris was squeezed into just under 100 square feet.  If you thought you couldn’t do anything with that basement or strange space, check out this video and see what you can do with some ingenuity.

Click here to see a video about an amazing little apartment in Paris.

Obviously, the high ceilings here are key but there are some interesting ideas you can take away from this video.  If you have a tiny back bedroom, the ‘loft’ bed could be something that could work as a guest bed while still being able to utilize the space for storage (ie. the pull out hanging racks) and/or for a desk (ie. the pull out desk).    I especially like the flip-down counter over the sink and think it could be modified into a cutting board with a slot to push your cuttings through into a garburator or garbage bowl.

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