Welcome to my blog and thank-you for taking the time to do a little research on me. 

As you may or may not know, I hail from a long family history of real estate business people.   I tend to say that real estate is the “family business” with my mother being licensed for the past nearly 30 years.  I’ve worked along side her for the past dozen years and have run my own property management business since about 2001.  My father was in real estate in the seventies, my uncle has been licensed for over 30 years and another uncle has been a property developer for just as long.   My mother and I started accumulating rental properties in downtown Toronto in the late 90’s.   We now have several friends that have bought investment properties with the idea that we would “handle it” for them including renting them out and being the primary point of contact for handling tenant inquiries/issues.  

Up until very recently, I’ve been able to circumvent getting my license by handling a variety of duties for my mother that could be handled by an unlicensed assistant.    Due to changes in the way real estate sales people are licensed in Ontario, the range of possibilities for an unlicensed assistant has become more and more difficult in recent years resulting in my finally getting around to becoming a fully licensed agent in my own right.  Hence, I’m now able to fully and completely represent clients (agency) on my own, including showings, contract work and giving of advice.   Furthermore, in a matter of speaking, like anyone growing up with a “family business,” I bring you decades of experience through my actual and peripheral experience.

I live and love living downtownt Toronto in my own home since 1997.    I’ve been living the the Annex now since 2001, in my previous home at Yonge & College since 1997 and prior to that lived in the downtown core as a renter in high rises and private houses.   I’m a member of my community association and mindful of the goings-on in my constituency for both personal and professional reasons.

Prior to working in real estate, I have worked in business-to-business sales and analyst positions for global companies in the pharmaceutical and financial services industries. 

I have a great deal of “online” experience having gotten my first internet connection in 1991 (running on a 386) through the one of the first national public internet provider.  Interestingly, I was one of only six women that were amongst the first fifteen hundred members.   Being tech-savvy allows me to offer my clients both a human and online representation. 

My website ( has been up and running for over ten years and I have current and past websites for various pet projects and interests.

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I hope this information gives you a little insight into me!  I look forward to meeting with you and elaborating on how I am best suited to serve and represent you in your adventures in property ownership.

Last but not least, if you Google me you’ll find this story which is indeed about me.  The Anne Marie Lorusso obituary from Norwood, Ma., is obviously not. (RIP)

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