Welcome to my blog and thank-you for taking the time to do a little research on me.   Feel free to call or write to me anytime.

I can be reached directly anytime at 416-806-3423.

I specialize in an efficient search.  While our search for your next home will be driven by supply-and-demand, I like to ask lots of questions and then we’ll visit a few ‘test’ homes to determine what your needs and wants are, not to mention what your threshold is for necessary repairs or renovations.  This results in an efficient search as we move forward.

In an effort to make sure you get as much of what you want in your next home, I’m able to pair you with one of my excellent mortgage brokers who will work with you to determine what you are mathematically able to pay (your maximum allowable mortgage) and what you can reasonably afford.  In other words, I’m able to help you minimize your stress and risk levels with respect to purchasing.  I am happy to work with you if even you have credit difficulties so that you can plan for the future, be it one year away or more. 

Please know that no issue or question is too small, so feel free to call me to have a chat about anything that may be on your mind.  I’m always open to phone calls!

Talk to you soon!

-Anne Marie