Quick fix sound proofing solutions

No loft or condo building is 100% sound proof. Noise is part of downtown living, and a part of living in a multi-unit building. However over the years I have come to realize that there are developers who feel the need to use sub-standard installation just to save a buck. Add this to a noisy neighbour and you have an irritating problem. Fortunately for condo and loft owners, there are professionals out there like Sean Louth from Acoustiguard. Sean has spent his 30 year career developing products to help soundproof condos and lofts. I recently met with Sean to discuss solutions to some of these noisy problems. I was extremely impressed with Sean’s inexpensive products, his 10,000 sq ft soundproofing warehouse, but more importantly, his quality of service. We recently inspected a loft with sound transmission issues. Sean immediately highlighted the gaps around and below the front door, and advised that applying a simple self-stick weather strip can help alleviate hallway noise. Interior demising walls, (i.e. the walls separating units) are often under-insulated. If the problem lies within the interior demising walls there are numerous solutions you can apply, depending on your budget. Two of Sean’s most effective and inexpensive solutions are SilenSeal and Green Glue. SilenSeal is an acoustical sealant which when injected into small gaps and spaces is extremely efficient at dampening sound waves. In the property we inspected Sean highlighted numerous locations which would benefit from Silenseal. One area that stood out to us was the gap under the baseboard and drywall. For only $8.95 per tube, one could very easily and quickly remedy that problem. Green Glue works on walls & ceilings by dampening air and structure borne sound. It can be used in virtually any drywall wall or ceiling assembly. Apply two tubes of Green Glue to one sheet of drywall (8ft by4ft). A second layer of drywall is placed on top of the first sheet and refinished as usual. If you need help with sound and noise issues in your condo or loft, Sean has a variety of products and services to help you out. Call Sean from Acoustiguard at (905) 625-8944 for your free consultation.

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