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I have just returned from visiting a friend’s vacation condo in Bell Harbour, West Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas.  This island isn’t like Nassau, which is what everyone seems to imagine nowadays.  GBI is far less commercial and, arguably, less influenced by the west, especially since hurricane William stomped the island in 2005 causing over $100 million dollars damage.

My friend and her husband bought their condo for about $270 000 USD in January.  They intend to visit regularly but are also considering renting it out as a vacation rental.  The development and history of this complex is interesting.  There are other units for sale & for rent in this complex.  As owners/renters in this complex, you have visitor privileges at the resort next door where you can enjoy their beach, pool (with lazy river) and bar/restaurant with nightly entertainment, or you can stay in your own private and quiet beach area, pool or marina.

I’ll write more about these opportunities soon.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of good marketing videos to view…  &


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