Great Airbnb investment property available for sale

This newly and custom built (2012) house on a tree lined side street in the Annex is available for sale now.  This could be a great pure investment property or you could rent out 2 of the 3 apartments while you  live here for nearly nothing.

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The owner currently lives on the ground floor in a beautiful one bedroom apartment while she rents out the completely separated lower level and the upper level three bedroom apartments to visiting professionals on with no vacancies.  If the short-term rental situation that is done on Airbnb makes you nervous, you could go with normal longer term tenants.  Either way, you would be getting this property as vacant, so that YOU can pick your own tenants and get the current market rent.

With the minimum 20% down (or about $300,000), this house would carry for approximatly $4734 per month (plus taxes, utilities and insurance). The upper three bedroom apartment would easily rent for at least $2500-$3000 per month (possibly more) and the lower level would rent for at least $1800 per month.  Which would leave you living in the ground floor apartment for just about free or rent out that ground floor apartment for an extra $2000+ per month.  The double car garage could be an extra source of revenue for at least $100 per space or just keep it for yourself.  There are few vacancies in the downtown area (in houses, not condos) for spacious and new apartments like this.  This area demands a high quality tenant with whom you can expect no problems.

If you are a little more brave, you could consider renting out the suites as short-term rentals on as the current owner does.  This is a very lucrative option but it comes with a different set of circumstances.  I’m happy to explain this option in detail when we speak.

When buying through me, you still have me on your side after the purchase.  I am not gone with the sale.  You are not on your own to handle the rental process.  I’ll be there for you during the rental process and handle the first time rentals for no extra charge.  That means I will take care of the advertising, the phone call inquiries, the visits to show the apartment and the documentation.  All you need to do is cash the cheques.

In addition to the location and quality workmanship, this house has approximately 5 years remaining of it’s Tarrion Warranty. Visit their website to understand what this means to you as the buyer.  This is a unique opportunity to own a custom built home in the downtown area.

If this property piques your curiosity at all, please give me a call to discuss it further or for a visit.

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RENTED: Whole house at 116 Merrill Ave E, Danforth-Woodbine

Amazing whole house for rent steps to the Danforth & Woodbine Station. Continue reading

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$399,000 Townhouse with 4 bedroms, parking and a low maintenance fee in Riverdale

I just can’t let this one sell without talking about it on my blog.  Ever since selling one of the units to a client last year, I’ve been touting the merits of this little complex whenever units come up for sale.  Unfortunately,  MLS rules limit me from publishing (aka “advertising” without express permission from the listing agent) a properties address that isn’t my own listing but I can discuss it in generalities.  Feel free to call me if you want to know the address or are tempted to allow me to take you to see it for yourself.

First of all, you can’t beat the location of this townhouse.  It’s in an odd and hidden complex near Broadview & Dundas Streets, so a quick streetcar (or bus) ride along King, Queen, Gerrard or Dundas right into the city.  All lines are just a few minutes walk away and will carry you into the core of the city within minutes.  It’s rare to be so close to so many different east-west lines.  If you’ve ever lived just on the edge of the downtown core, you know how there can be issues on different lines on different days and how being able to walk up or down a block to a different line can be a godsend when you are trying to get to work on time.

For the $399,000 asking price, you need to have realistic expectations.  This complex isn’t new but it also doesn’t come with sticker-shock and crazy maintenance fees.  As the complex is quite basic with no amenities, the maintenance fees remain low at about $190 per unit per month.  The general look of the complex could be better but, as I believe it was built in the late sixties, which was not exactly the prettiest of times, it’s far from the ugliest complex I’ve seen.  Sadly, it has not been gentrified but it doesn’t have the gentrified price.  The complex is simply a bit tired, but it is on the cusp of being something better than it ever was.  My client, that bought in there last year, is doing her best to push the complex into the 21st century by getting on the board and educating her fellow owners about how they can be part of changes for the better.  Things are changing and prices have already gone up just in the past year and a half.

There are a few different layouts and locations within the complex.  Depending on the side of the complex the unit is located on, you may have a garage in lieu of a basement or 4th bedroom.  All units have at least a small and private backyard where you can have a natural gas BBQ line installed.  Some of the yards back onto other houses, while some back onto a small grassy treed parkette.  All units have 2 washrooms including a 4 piece on the 2nd floor and a 2 piece in the basement.

These townhouses are, quite simply, affordable.  They all have kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms, so are suitable for proper family living, a couple of a single person wanting the space or to take in a friend/roommate to reduce their costs.   Ideally, if you can put down 10%, or $40,000, and have good credit, you should be able to qualify for 2.5% (maybe a bit less) and a 30 year mortgage which would make this townhouse carry for $1420 per month, plus taxes of $150 per month, maintenance of $190 per month and your utilities (gas & electricity), which you control yourself.

Almost all of the units come with at least 1 parking spot.  Some have built-in garages and others have parking pads either in front of their houses or within a few steps of their door.

An affordable townhouse on the edge of town with a garage that isn’t absurdly expensive?  Yes, it does exist.  Call me and let’s go see it.  These little deals come up periodically.  So, even if you aren’t ready right this minute, this unit is worth seeing so that you can think about it and be ready when the next one comes up.   Just pick up the phone and give me a call to discuss it.


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It’s the summer of 2014 and there are lots of opportunities in downtown Toronto.

I’m back after a long hiatus.  Too long of a hiatus.  I’m glad to see that my blog is showing up in searches and that you’ve found me.

The market in Toronto is an interesting one.  There are few listings but still some great opportunities.  Whether you are a single person, a couple or a family, there are still well-located properties that should appeal to you, no matter who you are.  I have seen more than a few properties pass through their “bidding day” without selling.  Some of those were indeed over priced, while some were just missed for various other reasons.   I can say, without hesitation, it isn’t ‘over’ for the first time buyer.  You just need to have a bit of an open mind.  Let me explain what I mean.

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Bahamas – vacation rental properties

I have just returned from visiting a friend’s vacation condo in Bell Harbour, West Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas.  This island isn’t like Nassau, which is what everyone seems to imagine nowadays.  GBI is far less commercial and, arguably, less influenced by the west, especially since hurricane William stomped the island in 2005 causing over $100 million dollars damage.

My friend and her husband bought their condo for about $270 000 USD in January.  They intend to visit regularly but are also considering renting it out as a vacation rental.  The development and history of this complex is interesting.  There are other units for sale & for rent in this complex.  As owners/renters in this complex, you have visitor privileges at the resort next door where you can enjoy their beach, pool (with lazy river) and bar/restaurant with nightly entertainment, or you can stay in your own private and quiet beach area, pool or marina.

I’ll write more about these opportunities soon.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of good marketing videos to view…  &


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